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Gold Leafing

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Here Jodie is demonstrating the process of gold leafing for one of Carousel Sign’s clients, Meridian Harbourview – a Waverton Community in Suffolk, Virginia. Gold leafing is a delicate process that requires time and precision. We take thin sheets of 24k gold and apply it to a surface that has an adhesive paint. Although this process is no longer in common use due to the introduction of gold paints, there is nothing like a gold leaf finished sign. The classic technique reflects more light than ordinary paint, giving off a beautiful and rich luminescence. Although we are based in Rockville Virginia, you can see our signs all throughout the Mid Atlantic and Southeast.

If you are curious about our process of creating gold leaf, here it is. First, we put down a lettering enamel called 1 Shot. Since 1 Shot enamel takes up to 48 hours to dry, we apply “fast dry gold size”. This product speeds up the drying process, and is self-leveling. This allows us to begin the process of applying the leaf much sooner. We let this dry for about 20 minutes and then apply the gold leaf.

The last step is delicately smoothing the leaf and removing any excess. This reveals your shiny, hand-crafted lettering.