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Huguenot Apartments

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Huguenot Apartments was an older development badly in need of a replacement entrance sign and interior directional signage. They also presented us with a unique problem. Their main entrance didn’t present room for a sign, and their existing sign was not actually on their property. We jumped in to act as their agent.

Our first step was to obtain a land use permit through the State of Virginia. This allowed us to receive a permit (previously denied) from Chesterfield County to remove and replace the old sign. The new sign is updated, eye-catching, and modern.

We then performed a site survey, and with approval from the management company, installed clear, consistent directional signs for the convenience of the residents. For Huguenot, this was a start-to-finish turn-key project.

Custom Carving at Center Pointe

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We love getting projects where so many of our employees get to add their personal touch. Center Pointe is a new development in Midlothian, Virginia, and wanted something that conveyed the custom craftsmanship of their homes. We have an excellent hand-carver in our shop. Kat hand-carved a huge duck for their sign, and then hand painted it as well. You can see some of the process in the photos. The product used is high-density urethane which is excellent to carve and is long lasting in an outdoor environment. This was a turnkey project for the client, with us taking care of the masonry, railings and sign. Now residents and real estate shoppers are greeted with a sign that exemplifies custom craftsmanship.

Keep Your Sign Clean

4 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Sign

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When purchasing a sign for your community or business, it’s important to take care of it just like you would your car. Although the car has a lot more maintenance, signs only need a little finessing once a year. Here I will go over some tips on how you can keep your sign in quality condition.

1st: When spring rolls around, take a walk around the perimeter and check your existing signs for any significant damage. Keep an eye out for the sign being loose where it’s mounted or any warping if your sign has wooden components. Also look for paint chipping and vinyl peeling. If they do have damage, then call us. For a small fee we can repair any issues and reduce the need to replace a sign.

2nd: Now that your landscapers are spraying for weeds be sure to let them know not to spray near the sign. They need to spray very carefully, because some sprays are known to strip the paint off the signs. Also make sure your sprinkler is not directly hitting the sign for this could also cause damage.

3rd: Once a year your sign will need a good wash. We recommend you call us to set you up with a power washing company so we can talk them through washing the sign. We’ve worked with several partners who a professional and experienced in cleaning our signs. This is mainly for large monument signs.

4th: If you prefer not to pressure wash your sign then we recommend a little hose down and some fine tuning with Windex. Yes, Windex, it will not hurt the sign.

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Happy 26th Year Anniversary Wade!

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How many people do you know who have been with a company for a couple of decades? We are blessed to have two such employees, and one of them is Wade Condrey. Wade just celebrated 26 years with Carousel. Here are a few things he had to say about his time working here.

What have you enjoyed most about your 26 years at Carousel? The people that I have gotten to meet and work with. The relationships and friendships established. The opportunity to be creative and to see your accomplishments along the way. Each and every day is different and each day has its own new challenge. It is never boring around a sign shop.

What is your most memorable moment/event? When I got to dance on the fly to Footloose at a company Christmas party about 20 years ago. You have to understand, I was about 50 lbs. lighter, and 20 years younger, which helped me move freely across the dance floor (with much flair, we might add!).

What has been your favorite project? That’s a tough question, because over the years – I’m sure if I had some time to really think about it there would be several favorites. I guess the one that comes to my mind at the moment is the Huguenot Apartments entrance sign. They were told that they wouldn’t be able to get a sign permit approved for a new entry sign because of the location. We were able to apply for a special land use permit with the State, which allowed us to receive a sign permit from the county. The end result was the community was able to contract us to fabricate and install a very nice monument sign on Huguenot Road that receives high exposure for their property – and plenty of compliments too!

What was your job when you first started and what have you done since? My first four years I was the main installer and helped out in the shop. Then the next four years I was asked to work in sales. I was production manager for the next two years. At that time, I created the 4-day work week, 10 hour days. Then I returned to sales. I was also an estimator for the entire sales team, project manager, ordered materials and products from vendors, and assisted with tech designs, permits and sales related projects. Now my main focus is sales and managing accounts. I enjoy my job!

Sam Millers

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Have you strolled down to Shockoe Slip lately? Be sure to check out the new Sam Millers sign. We love getting creative and having the privilege of adding even more charm to that area! It’s a historic district, and Sam Millers is an institution in Richmond, so the sign had to match their character and that of the area.

We were able to achieve great dimension by using layers of 6 mil Poly-metal, a digital print and cut out letters. The new bracket adds a bit of flair also. Go check them out! You won’t be disappointed!