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Huguenot Apartments

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Huguenot Apartments was an older development badly in need of a replacement entrance sign and interior directional signage. They also presented us with a unique problem. Their main entrance didn’t present room for a sign, and their existing sign was not actually on their property. We jumped in to act as their agent.

Our first step was to obtain a land use permit through the State of Virginia. This allowed us to receive a permit (previously denied) from Chesterfield County to remove and replace the old sign. The new sign is updated, eye-catching, and modern.

We then performed a site survey, and with approval from the management company, installed clear, consistent directional signs for the convenience of the residents. For Huguenot, this was a start-to-finish turn-key project.

Sign Packages

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Sign Packages: A Property Mangers Best Friend

Having an apartment community to run can be a lot to handle, especially if you have several properties. From having to make sure the units are filled, to keeping the tenants happy, sometimes things can get over-looked. For instance, the signs around the community might start becoming outdated, falling apart or covered with overgrown bushes. Signs are essential in getting tenants to the right place and improving the overall aesthetic of the community. A potential tenant should never get frustrated that they can’t find the leasing center or club house. You want their visit to be flawless so when a decision is made there is nothing to deter them from picking your community. Keeping your signs clean and up to date can only benefit the apartment community and potentially bring in more traffic.

At Carousel Signs & Designs we specialize in custom apartment packages. We know that there are a lot of signs within an apartment complex, so we have compiled a package of the most common signs. Some can be added or subtracted depending on the different recreational areas. By incorporating your logo and color scheme, we will brand your community throughout with custom design options, superior craftsmanship and excellent service.

Tip: Get someone you know that has never been to your property and ask them to drive around one day. Ask them if they can see all the signs clearly without any confusion. Who knows – you might realize that some signs need to be shifted around for better viewing. Our experts are often asked to perform a site survey, and can help you make the right decisions about sign placement.

How to Stand Out From Your Competition

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Why curb appeal is key…

We live in a time where everything is gauged upon first impressions, and visual appearance. Once we make the decision that we like a certain brand or organization, it is nearly impossible to get us to break or stray from our loyalty. We all do it. I bet the condiments in your fridge are from the same company your mother chose when you were a child. The restaurants you eat at this month will, more than likely, be the same as the ones you ate at last month. We are creatures of habit after all, so it’s difficult to change an individual’s mind and have them reach the conclusion that what you have to offer is better for them. It is that ever present fear that this one time you step out on a limb, that regret will immediately follow. So the question is how do you convince people that what you have is better than what is right next door? The answer is simple.

Be louder, brighter and more friendly than your competition. Companies that pay attention to their image will have a better impact on potential customers. Prime example, Subway, has been the place to go for your quick food, but not necessarily fast food, type of meal. We all like it and they have done a great job at catering to the economic downturns with the $5 foot long campaign. Subway is a classic favorite that has done well keeping up with the food industry. But now, while pulling into the shopping center on your way to lunch at Subway, out of the corner of your eye you see a new up and comer in the casual fast food category, Chipotle. You have been hearing good things about them from your colleagues but have never been there. You notice their appearance is modern with hints of rustic decor. Then you look back at Subway, and all you can see is a bright yellow sign putting the taste of banana peppers in your mouth. Low and behold immediately your craving has gone from the Jared diet to Mexican.

Without knowing that Chipotle is the better choice, because of their all organic food and high quality customer service, you quickly go against the place that has been your staple for years. All based on word of mouth and the visual appearance. Now granted that the word of mouth is huge, having a unique and contemporary image is crucial for old and new businesses alike. Sometimes this can be challenging because of the cost but in the long run, what is more important? Lasting first impressions or banking on word of mouth? Now you’re probably like, “What are you getting at with all this?” What I’m trying to say is if you own a business and care about it than care about your business’ image. Make the first thing your customer sees mindbogglingly great. The beacon to which all your business can be directed to, of course I’m talking about your sign.
Your sign is the first thing representing your business. It greets them at the door, and if they are not paying attention to it then it’s not worth remembering and that could translate to your business was not worth remembering. Signs can cost lots of money, however; they can also represent a decade’s worth of awesome first impressions for one lump sum. If you think about all the money you spend on different advertising avenues, you can quickly calculate how much worth you get out of one purchase. Especially in today’s market, signs are lasting ten times longer. Over the past decade, the sign industry has made great advancements in the quality of their products. So you can count on your sign not only making you look great, but also being a great investment for the long run. Now what are you waiting for? Call us today so we can begin a dialog about what you need to stand out against your competition.

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