How To Bring in More Business

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  • June 8, 2014

We have now entered a generation where people are leaning toward small businesses over big business. People are wanting more options and more transparency from the places they shop. This is great for the small business gangs sprouting up across U.S. cites. The one thing that big businesses have that they don’t is usually that enormous marketing budget each year. That’s okay, because there are several things you can do for your business that will help to bring in the customers.

Branding: This does not just mean your logo. This is everything your company represents as a whole. You want to make certain that your brand is consistent within everything you do. A great way to start getting your brand out there is by creatively using custom signs.

Standing Out With Signage:

  • Entrance Signs: This is the first thing customers will see, so having a well designed and fabricated sign is important.
  • Vehicle Lettering and Window Vinyl: If you have company vehicles, then let them show off your brand while you drive them around.
  • Marketing Signs: If your business is in a plaza or off of a main road, then a great way to draw customers to your business is by putting a sign in a visible spot to lead people in.

Standing Out With the Internet:

  • Social Media: IT IS FREE! The internet has replaced the phone book and it comes with many more features. This is now the standard tool for looking for places to live, eat and buy. Here are some important and popular social media sites that your company should focus on:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Website: If you do not have a website, then arrange to set one up. It is absolutely necessary to have. Not having a website today is like not having a phone.

I hope that this helps anyone out there with a small business or startup. You can never have too much marketing.

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