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Directional Signs

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Directional Signs

When you have potential tenants or customers visiting your business, it’s important that they do not become misguided when trying to find you. By having clear, concise directional signs, they will be able to find your place of business without any frustration and increase your chances of a purchase or decision being made. People are more likely to turn away from a business when they have trouble finding it. For example, when a new couple is out looking for potential apartments to move into, they will probably visit several communities in a day. If one out of the three places has a leasing office that is difficult to find because of the lack of directional signage, this could potentially be a deterrent. This would cause them to turn around and go on to the next opportunity, instead of choosing yours.

There are a wide variety of directional signs out there, so it is important to have it designed to be consistent with your brand. Buying directional signs from a company that has one size and style will not help sell the branding of your company. At Carousel Signs & Designs we make sure the customer’s colors, logo and sometimes even the location are incorporated into the design. Below you can see some of the different kinds of directional signs we have done.

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Keep Your Sign Clean

4 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Sign

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When purchasing a sign for your community or business, it’s important to take care of it just like you would your car. Although the car has a lot more maintenance, signs only need a little finessing once a year. Here I will go over some tips on how you can keep your sign in quality condition.

1st: When spring rolls around, take a walk around the perimeter and check your existing signs for any significant damage. Keep an eye out for the sign being loose where it’s mounted or any warping if your sign has wooden components. Also look for paint chipping and vinyl peeling. If they do have damage, then call us. For a small fee we can repair any issues and reduce the need to replace a sign.

2nd: Now that your landscapers are spraying for weeds be sure to let them know not to spray near the sign. They need to spray very carefully, because some sprays are known to strip the paint off the signs. Also make sure your sprinkler is not directly hitting the sign for this could also cause damage.

3rd: Once a year your sign will need a good wash. We recommend you call us to set you up with a power washing company so we can talk them through washing the sign. We’ve worked with several partners who a professional and experienced in cleaning our signs. This is mainly for large monument signs.

4th: If you prefer not to pressure wash your sign then we recommend a little hose down and some fine tuning with Windex. Yes, Windex, it will not hurt the sign.

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Apartment Signage

Apartment Signs

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Apartment Signage
Multifamily communities across America are actively improving their club houses and communal areas, therefore apartment signage is naturally expanding into these specialty areas. As someone who has been a renter for the past few years I can honestly say, I love these perks. I no longer need to shell out the $60 a month to go to the gym. I have endless access to the club house, pool table, theater and even a conference/printer room. With the increase in people renting over the past few years, you will notice that these extra perks are becoming more prevalent.

At Carousel Signs and Designs we offer a wide selection of specialty signage for these general areas. Along with the wayfinding and entrance signs, here are some of the additional areas we have created signs for.

Fitness Center
Yoga Area
Residents’ Lounge
Demonstration Kitchen
Rooftop Deck with Fire Pit
Community Garden Space
Landscaped Courtyard with Water Feature
Grilling Area
Dog Park Rules
Pool Rules
Trail Directionals
Club House
Communal Kitchen
Tennis Court

When you offer these amenities, it’s important that your tenants can find them. With perks like this, they may never want to leave!

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Address Plaques

Address Plaques

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Address Plaques

Essential Navigation Tool

Address plaques are more than just numbers on the building. They are essential navigation tools for family, friends, customers and, especially, mail men. They come in all shapes and sizes and have recently started to become a major aesthetic trend in communities. For instance, you might see an address number etched into a rock on a residential lawn or written out in cursive letters. Today, many people are stepping out of the box when it comes to their address plaques. If you are looking for a modern looking address plaque you can use a thin san serif font like ITC Avant Garde or Helvetica Neue, or you can use a serif font for a more traditional approach. So many individuals would be lost without these little pieces of navigation. That is why address plaques are an essential part of any home or business. So why not make them look impressive?

You could go to your neighborhood hardware store and pick up some address plaques there, but, buying in bulk would be expensive. Here at Carousel Signs, one of the things we specialize in is apartment sign packages which include plaques. We can customize them any way you want and help you work within your budget. Below are some of the most common materials we use for address plaques.

We cater to the custom flair by using different types of substrates such as:

  • Plain cut individual vinyl numbers
  • Two dimensional PVC
  • P-Metal with applied vinyl overlays
  • Dimensional routed PVC
  • Routed High Density Urathane
  • Urethane plaques
  • Sandblasted slate
  • Granite
Types of mounting methods would include:

  • Basic exterior grade double sided tape
  • Standard mounting decorative screws & hardware
  • Reverse mount studs, to secure a hidden method of mounting.
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Bobby Wiltshire

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An Owner & Artist

Painting van murals in the garage of his parents’ home 40 years ago, Bobby Wiltshire began his lifelong love and passion for art. While continuing his artwork in 1976 at Kings Dominion Theme Park on the beautiful carousel, he was told that every male employee was advised by their superior to shave their faces. No more mustaches! A life-long mustache-wearing guy, Bobby decided it wasn’t worth it! It was then he was approached by Busch Gardens in Williamsburg to restore and repaint their carousel horses. Thus, Carousel Signs and Designs was born.

After the carousel project was completed, Carousel began producing redwood sandblasted monument signs for the housing and apartment communities in the Richmond area. Carousel was the first in the area to use redwood in their sign production. Since that time, Carousel has enlisted a variety of mediums for sign-making and the business has continued to create designs, letter vehicles (computer generated nowadays), and make signs for clients not only in the housing and apartment industry but for businesses up and down the East Coast.

Ultimately, it’s his love of art that drives our business. Bobby has never lost his zeal for creating art and making customers happy!

In the year 2000, Bobby’s daughter, Jamie, gave him a watercolor set with which he began to paint. He has taken classes through the Visual Arts Center with Shelly Bechtel Shepard and at Crossroads Art Center with Christopher Wynn. Empowered with his experience and skills, he has become a successful watercolor artist. His paintings realistically reflect the atmosphere a day presents, including representations of rural Virginia and his favorite place to visit, the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

To see more of Bobby’s art, visit his website,www.bobbywiltshire.com. You can also see some of his artwork at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, Virginia.
Bobby’s Website: http://www.bobbywiltshire.com/
Crossroads Art Center Website & Address: http://www.crossroadsartcenter.com/
2016 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 278-8950

Parker Design Group Signage

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We recently completed a sign and vinyl project for Parker Design Group. They are a full-service civil engineering firm with offices in Salem and Richmond, Virginia. Their work can be seen all along the Mid-Atlantic region, from McDonalds Restaurant developments to residential communities. Parker Design Group is a forward thinking company that stays on top of the ever changing technology trends. Whether it is design, planning or surveying, their approach to presentation is top of the line.
For their signage, we decided that less would be more. Signage would reflect their vision of “presentation first.” We established that a routed sign would give a 3-dimensional look that better represented this multifaceted company. We mounted it on a light background to help the company name and logo pop. They also wanted some vinyl accents for their doors. We used a frosted vinyl material, which we then printed with their logo and a listing of some of the services they offer. For the vinyl we decided that a long strip extending across both doors would aesthetically relate to and mimic the rectangular sign above.
When creating signs for our clients our number one goal is to exceed their expectations. We want to best represent our clients with a professionally built custom sign. Our work with Parker design is a mirror of their standards of quality.

For more information about the Parker Design Group check out their website here

How to Stand Out From Your Competition

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Why curb appeal is key…

We live in a time where everything is gauged upon first impressions, and visual appearance. Once we make the decision that we like a certain brand or organization, it is nearly impossible to get us to break or stray from our loyalty. We all do it. I bet the condiments in your fridge are from the same company your mother chose when you were a child. The restaurants you eat at this month will, more than likely, be the same as the ones you ate at last month. We are creatures of habit after all, so it’s difficult to change an individual’s mind and have them reach the conclusion that what you have to offer is better for them. It is that ever present fear that this one time you step out on a limb, that regret will immediately follow. So the question is how do you convince people that what you have is better than what is right next door? The answer is simple.

Be louder, brighter and more friendly than your competition. Companies that pay attention to their image will have a better impact on potential customers. Prime example, Subway, has been the place to go for your quick food, but not necessarily fast food, type of meal. We all like it and they have done a great job at catering to the economic downturns with the $5 foot long campaign. Subway is a classic favorite that has done well keeping up with the food industry. But now, while pulling into the shopping center on your way to lunch at Subway, out of the corner of your eye you see a new up and comer in the casual fast food category, Chipotle. You have been hearing good things about them from your colleagues but have never been there. You notice their appearance is modern with hints of rustic decor. Then you look back at Subway, and all you can see is a bright yellow sign putting the taste of banana peppers in your mouth. Low and behold immediately your craving has gone from the Jared diet to Mexican.

Without knowing that Chipotle is the better choice, because of their all organic food and high quality customer service, you quickly go against the place that has been your staple for years. All based on word of mouth and the visual appearance. Now granted that the word of mouth is huge, having a unique and contemporary image is crucial for old and new businesses alike. Sometimes this can be challenging because of the cost but in the long run, what is more important? Lasting first impressions or banking on word of mouth? Now you’re probably like, “What are you getting at with all this?” What I’m trying to say is if you own a business and care about it than care about your business’ image. Make the first thing your customer sees mindbogglingly great. The beacon to which all your business can be directed to, of course I’m talking about your sign.
Your sign is the first thing representing your business. It greets them at the door, and if they are not paying attention to it then it’s not worth remembering and that could translate to your business was not worth remembering. Signs can cost lots of money, however; they can also represent a decade’s worth of awesome first impressions for one lump sum. If you think about all the money you spend on different advertising avenues, you can quickly calculate how much worth you get out of one purchase. Especially in today’s market, signs are lasting ten times longer. Over the past decade, the sign industry has made great advancements in the quality of their products. So you can count on your sign not only making you look great, but also being a great investment for the long run. Now what are you waiting for? Call us today so we can begin a dialog about what you need to stand out against your competition.

For more info on the photos in this post here are the links to their websites.

Woodlake: http://woodlakeonline.com
Copper Mill Apartments: http://www.coppermillapthomes.com/
Hillard Road: http://www.hilliardroad-online.com/
Willow Oaks: http://www.willowoaks-online.com/

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Townbank Newsletter Recognition

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We are happy to announce that Carousel Signs & Designs has been mentioned in the Townebanks Vol. 14, No.3 newsletter.
We have been using Townebank as our business insurer for over a decade. We have kept a solid relationship with this company for so long because of their outstanding customer service. They have a great knowledge of the industry and have always looked out for our best interest. One of the most important things we value in our business is keeping strong relationships between our vendors and clients.

Check this link to the newsletter and Townebanks website. Who knows, maybe they will be come your next insurance provider.